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My DIY Canadian Passport Invitations. **Pics Included**

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I have finally found the time to post pics of my Passport Invitations. 

First off, I want to thank all of the BDW brides who have shared their advice, pictures, templates etc. SO many inspiring, talented ladies on this site. I could never have done these without you guys!! Especially Steph's thread (skp1)...so much helpful information. Her passport thread is AMAZING. Anyway, I think I underestimated how much patience, time and hard work actually goes into these. I'm glad I did them on my own. If I had to do it all over again there is definitely quite a few things that I would change. But I am happy with the outcome and my guests LOVED them! So hopefully this thread can help future DIYers as well.



The cardstock, metallic text sheets and envelopes were all ordered from papercircle.ca. They have fantastic prices for Canadian brides. I priced out other online Canadian sites and local stationary shops and papercircle's prices were half of what these other places were asking. 

Fiskars Round corner punch/ hole punch/ paper cutter from Michaels. 

Pink, Purple and raffia ribbon from Michaels

Permanent Double bond Aleene's Glue from Michaels....this is the only glue that I found would stick to cardstock. 

Starfish Charms: A Canadian seller on Etsy. 

After getting great advice from fellow BDW brides, I bought a Canon MX890 printer. It works awesome!! 



I used the Aylee Bits passport template in Word which worked great. The design was the hardest part of this process. I changed the cover to the Canadian coat of Arms which was a pain. Once the design was complete, it was pretty easy to print it all out and figure out the format. After I cut all of the passport sheets, I sewed the pages together and glued the outside pages to the cardstock . I tried to staple them together and tried ribbon but I didn't like how either of them looked.

For the luggage tag RSVP, I created my own template in Word. Again, Skp1's passport thread has some great info on the luggage tag RSVP... I borrowed that idea from her as well.... blush2.gif

Those were really easy and fun to do.  I printed the addresses on the front of the envelopes and the return on the back. It looked so sharp! I wanted to do a pocket fold to hold the Passport, RSVP and return Envelope but I didn't order the folders in time and I tried to make my own but gave up. So I ended up tying them together with raffia ribbon and a starfish charm. I was worried about it but everyone raved about the raffia and cute charm. I guess when you work on something for so long, you get really critical. I noticed wording mixups and little errors on my invites after I had already sent them out. And I wish I hadn't ended up with so much pink :/ Oh well! But other than that, they turned out better than I expected. This was the first invite I put together. As with anything, they got much easier the more I did :) 

Here are the pics: 





























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Originally Posted by missroxy View Post


Girl, you did an amazing job !!! How many hours did you spend doing that ? And are you able to tell me how much they came out to cost per invite ?

Thanks Missroxy! As for the time that went into this, I'd say at least 10 evenings (two or so hours) and two Sunday Afternoons. My FI, MOH and a bottle of wine helped me with the cutting and assembling lol

Here is the cost breakdown:


Paper from Papercircle.ca

Metallic Cardstock in Pink Azalea (for Passport covers- two per sheet) : $0.38 x 25 Sheets 

Metallic Cardstock in Crystal (For RSVP Luggage tags - three per sheet) : $0.38 x 17 Sheets 

Metallic Textweight in Crystal (For Passport pages) : $0.28 x 75 Sheets

Metallic 4 Bar Envelopes in Pink Azalea: $0.28 x 50

Metallic A2 Envelopes in Pink Azalea: $0.32 x 50

GST: $4.00

Shipping: $13.00

Total for Paper and Envelopes: $83.96

Aylee Bits Passport Template: $10.00

Raffia Ribbon: $3.50

Pink & Purple Ribbon: $1.36

Tombo mono Power Bond Adhesive x 2: $13.50

Fiskars Round Corner Punch: $9.20

Hole Punch (For tiny centre holes) : $4.00

Starfish Charms from Etsy: $18.50

Paper Cutter: $16.00

Total Spent: $160.02 for 50 Invitations

Total Cost per Invite: $3.20


Other than the paper and template, everything came from Michaels. I used the 40%, 50% and 20% off coupons. Hope this helps =)








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Originally Posted by preciousblue View Post


These are really fantastic!!! Great job :)


Originally Posted by Loreal30 View Post


Wow! Amazing!


Originally Posted by Dvhtu View Post


It looks very nice. Great job!

Thanks ladies!! 


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