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Where to tie the knot??

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Hello all,


My fiancé and I decided today that we are going to plan a destination wedding for November 2013. I have never travelled outside of Canada and the US so I have no clue where to go. We are thinking Carribean (resort or cruise) but are open to all suggestions. We are on a pretty tight budget. If it's possible we would like the whole thing (airfare, hotel, wedding) to cost in the 3000$ range. Is that at all realistic? It will only be my fiancé and I, and possibly our son (under 2) depending if we bring him along or have him stay with a family member. We just want something simple; I don't have any specific criteria except that we have some lovely pictures as souvenirs to take back to the family. Oh and we are both picky eaters so wherever we go needs to have lots of choices and have the "basics" lol.


Looking forward to some ideas :)

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