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New bride! Planning non-resort wedding :)

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Hi there!


I'm a newbie here and am so excited to have a destination wedding!


We originally decided on the Cloisters in Nassau, Bahamas. But a big factor for us was that we didn't want to stay in a resort with tourists, we want to rent a large villa or rent out a small boutique hotel. This was impossible to find in Nassau so we're back to location hunting!


We're considering using the Haiku Mill in Maui but it's also quite pricey. Any suggestions welcome ;)


Excited to 'virtually' meet you all!



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Congrats sapphirebride ! and welcome to the amazing resouce of this forum community :)


There's a small boutique hotel that can accommodation up to 2 dozen guests in the Dominican Republic. Not sure what size of wedding celebration you're having, but it could be something to look into. There's a link to it here.......http://www.our-dominican-republic.com/accommodations.html


Wishing you all the best with your research and plans, and hoping you have the perfect wedding of your dreams! Enjoy :)



team MTM asst, Lynda :)

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