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Anyone have a KeyHolder Template in .doc??

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I am trying to hit 150 posts so I can get to all the templates.


Thank you for sharing ladies!

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Oh my.  I need 140 more posts.  I have a while.  Can someone please email me the keyholder template?




I would really appreciate it.  Meanwhile, I'll keep posting! 

were you able to find one? If so can you email me at liz_hund@hotmail.com? I would really appreciat it!!

Hi Ladies,


My wedding is in three weeks and I am stuck on these keyholders. I cannot seem to get these right.

Does anyone out there a template in .doc form?


I would really appreciate it. 


Thank you!!






Did you end up finding one? If so could you email it to me? I would really appreciate it and thanks in advance!


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