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That's awesome -good job! We are still figuring out some details, but our wedding coordinator has a good grasp on things. On our end, I've got my dress fitting left - it's taking a little longer for the dress to get in, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks. I've still got to put together the programs and figure out groomsmen attire (we still have to figure out what they will be wearing). 

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Hi ladies! Congrats to you all on your upcoming weddings! I'm a May 2013 bride that happens to live in Playa Del Carmen in the Riviera Maya. I saw that there were a couple of brides in this thread that are getting married down here.


First, I wanted to offer my assistance if either of you has any questions about the area. We've been living down here for a year now and know the area quite well. Throw any questions you may have my way!


Second, I'm in the process of collecting some decor for our rustic vintage themed wedding down here on May 22nd. I'm having a hard time finding everything I need since the area caters mostly to tourists and doesn't really have a ton of options in the way of home decor. If anyone having their wedding in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum or anywhere in between would like to sell some of their decor items to me please let me know! This may also help with baggage fees on the way home ;)


These are some of the things we are still looking for:


- anything that would suit a vintage or rustic style wedding

- fans in lighter shades of pink, teal, lavender, ivory or just made of wood

- a birdcage (rustic looking if possible)

- string lighting of any sort, exposed bulb and christmas lights

- props and frames for a DIY photobooth (nothing too cheesy, we're think more of a "gentlemen & ladies" style"

- oil lamps

- tin buckets of various sizes

- a parasol in any shade of purple, teal or turquoise

- small glass candleholders

- burlap or lace runners that would fit rectangle tables for 10-12 people

- white or teal paper lanterns 

- white or teal paper picado (as long as its not personalized of course)

- anything else that's ivory, blush, lavender or turquoise


Thanks, and happy planning to everyone! You guys are getting really close! :)

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