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**Bridesmaid Survival Kits/Gifts

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Survival kit includes: Allergy meds, Advil, Pepto, hair ties, hair pins, sewing kit, safety pins, krazy glue, comb, brush, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, 1st aid kit, q tips, kleenex, wisp mini brush, oil blot sheets, deodorant, manicure kit, lotion, hand sanitizer, tide pen, wet wipes, lint roller, hair spray, earring backs, wardrobe tape, mints, compact, chocolates, shoe cushions and lip gloss. I put all items in a personalized cosmetic bag.


As a gift I bought each a satchel tote bag and filled it with the survival kit, foldable flat slippers, bridesmaid tank top, perfume, personalized wine glass, bottle of wine, wedding day jewelry and shoes.







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