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RIU OCHO RIOS - BEST IMAGES Destination Wedding Photography

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I reside in Canada but my destination wedding was at the Rio Ocho Rios in April 2012. We had about 40 guests and everyone was very impressed with the services, food, entertainment and attentive staff at this hotel.


A hard reality for us was that the wedding coordinator, Chandlyn, was not very present on the wedding day, especially at the reception. I think she has the role of coordinating multiple weddings around the same time. Make sure you bring your own decor for the wedding reception, prearrange a seating plan, and give someone the role of coordinating it or you will be disappointed.


I would like to say the best experience of our destination wedding was from Michael Sondern, the head photographer there at best images destination wedding photography. He was very professional and friendly. He gave lots of direction to us and our wedding party. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. The photos were excellent and with very high quality. The edititing was done exactly as we requested. To add, 2 years after our wedding we lost all of our saved wedding photos because of a virus. We were devastated. Shortly after contacting Michael he re-sent all of our pictures for FREE. I highly recommend using his services. It was worth every penny! I would also like to add that we were very happy with the video of our wedding as well. This is another service that I highly recommend.


Good luck to everyone. All the best.

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