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A newbie...Again! Yeah....there's a story....

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First things first: Congrats to you all!!!

This is my story....


We were planning a beautiful Maui beach wedding in 2008; when, 3 weeks before the fabulous day...I found out that my divorce was denied because the papers were not filed properly! (not my fault...due to a new girl in Court Registry) Although,we did end up having a wonderful beach 'commitment' ceremony in 2008 it was not the same....


Sooooo, as a surprise to my man for Christmas, I went and finally got my divorce! (Too be really honest, I didn't have the strength to proceed again until now).


Anyways, I'm surprising him with a beautiful photo album with romantic pictures of me by a professional photographer... asking him to marry me...for real!! (in Maui of course!)


That's my story....

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