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Review: Couples Swept Away Negril

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    Posted 03 December 2012 - 05:44 PM

    I got married here 2 weeks ago and am now posting the review.


    Negril - great. We didn't see much because we didn't leave the resort except for one trip on a catamaran and to rick's.

    The beach, awesome.

    The food - great. Feathers is by far the best, try to maximize reservations there.

    Wedding site options - the atrium garden, the beach, and somewhereelse. We did the beach and it was great. They give you a small cake for free and 1 wedding picture.

    The room - we did an atrium and it was cool. They have deals on Tuesdays and we got a better rate (390) than listed in some other places.


    Wedding stuff - We brought a large group (40 people). We got a deal for $500 in credit and a free couples massage and a free 3 day return trip in the next 18 months.  If you want any wedding pictures at all you're going to blow a few hundred dollars there, and probably getting the bride's hair done at the salon, so thats about $350 to get started. We spent the rest on extras like night diving and night snorkeling, and a few things from the gift shop. The couples massage (to me) was a joke. They want $65 per person for an 'upgrade' to deep tissue for an hour. I basically got oil rubbed on me for 30 minutes.


    The BIG PROBLEM was logistics and operation. I would not recommend couples for a wedding with any single people. We tried having my brother switch rooms one night so he wouldn't have to pay double (there's no single rate) and they tried to kick him out of the resort. We argued for hours and caused a lot of grief.  Some other guests felt out of place and did not take advantage of the amenities because they were by themselves. Above all, they ARE NOT equipped to handle groups like ours.


    Diving was pretty good - though I tried spear fishing 4 different times and different reasons why I couldn't each time and kind of a bummer.  Dive crew was really fun and friendly (like they usually are). 


    Brought our own sky lanterns ($2/piece) which was a good idea because they are $20/piece there.


    Staff was overall very friendly.

    Having liquor and champagne delivered to your room every day was pretty cool. Did massage, salsa, tennis, catamaran sailing, diving, snorkeling less, and some beach volleyball while there.

    Weather - mid november is supposed to be rainy season - in 9 days there was 30 minutes of rain. A couple of the days were too choppy for water sports/diving (1/2 the events), but otherwise weather was warm and cooperative.


    Summary - I enjoyed it, but Couples inability to help out our group soured the whole thing. Was probably going to plan a return trip but the support left a sour taste. There's too many other places in the world to see than to return to some place imperfect. If you work hard to use all the amenities you can get your money's worth, and we did.

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