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El Convento - Old San Juan Puerto Rico Help!!

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Hello ladies (and gents)


I'm thinking of having an October 2013 wedding at Hotel El Convento and have fallen in love with Salon Campeche (the big grand room) at the hotel.  My biggest concern is my guestlist being small... I'm thinking we will have 35-45 people present at max.


I'm thinking of having 6 round tables - 3 on either side of the checkered dance floor with 6 or 7 people to a table.  Do you think this room is too big for such a small guestlist.  I think it can possibly work but I'm still hesitant on selecting this room.  I think the smallest room (martorell) is nice but its just not for me.


I also need advice on an affordable chair rental place - because we want to do the wedding ceremony outdoors at el morro.


Please pass along any and all advice.


Thank you!!!


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Hey there.  I should be able to help since we are getting married there in October, 2013 as well(Oct. 26th).  We went in September to visit the hotel and see Salon Campeche.  I think we plan on having around 75 people or so.  Since the hall is a bit narrow, i don't think it will look too big for the number of guests you're having. 


We are having the ceremony at San Cristobal.  My advice is that you check with whoever will do your floral/decorations for the chairs as well.  We are renting the tiffany chairs for Salon Campeche and garden chairs for San Cristobal.  We have a cheaper company for just the chairs, but when you factor in the separate deliver charge for the chairs, it was cheaper overall to include the chairs with the florist/decorator. 


Do you have a specific date in mind in October?  When we went in September, the available dates in October were booking quickly. 

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