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Villa Del Arco

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We are getting married in June at the Villa Del Arco. Anyone have welcome bag ideas  that the hotel can create or an events company and florist?


Groomsmen attire reco would be awesome too!




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Hi Afton- If you search for "OOT" you will find countless strings on OOT bags, welcome bags, etc. There is even a a dedicated "OOT" section in the forum. 


I really enjoyed this one as it had some alternative ideas to the traditional bags, and some low maintenance/ low cost/ easy ideas: 




I'm not far enough along in my planning to have any ideas myself  :) 


On a side note your subject line caught my eye as I am recently engaged and The Villa Group is probably my top location right now for a November 2013 wedding. I am heading down in January to look at my top choices and should hopefully finalize something then. I may send you a PM some time to pick your brain on your experiences so far if you don't mind! 


Good luck with your planning!  

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