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Show us your wedding dress!

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I have changed my dress.....I liked the first one but the bubble hem was driving me crazy so I returned it and was able to do an exchange for a different dress.  I am now so happy and actually feel like a bride ready for a DW.  I had to order a larger size because I am a curvy girl (I couldn't breathe in the picture!  Haha! ) However, had I looked at this dress on line I wouldn't have tried it on.....the model doesn't do the dress justice.  :)

I like! I'm not a big fan of bubble hems so you made the right choice, at least in my opinion :) 

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@@TinkerSofi...I agree also.  I am not a fan of bubble hems either but my entourage and the consultant loved the dress on me....but after I left I realized that was not the vision I had for my wedding.  I kept looking and then finally made another appointment and returned to the store.  The dress was in the front of the store when I went in the second time and I told the consultant I want to try this on.  This time I had a glow and I knew it would be perfect.


@@kcole123...thank you!  :)

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I'm going to LA next month to look at wedding dresses with my MoH. I feel there will be more of a beach wedding dress selection there than here in Toronto..


Anyways this isnt my dress but it's one I like..



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