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Show us your wedding dress!

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I know what you mean! I got the Adorae rose they are amazing dresses!

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Yep! Adorae by Sottero & Midgley.  Definetly what I wasn't going for but its so comfortable


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Congrats, it's such a great feeling to order the dress!  Do you have pics of your trial?  I wanted to try on this dress while I was searching, but I never found a sample locally.

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Ordered!! 8815_1.jpg&maxx=300&maxy=08815_3.jpg&maxx=300&maxy=0


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OK Ladies,  Here' s an update after my post this morning MP 2012 Brides.  First let me say that this was an awesome, amazing, blessing and cherished day.  My grandmother(mom) who raised me from birth got a chance to see her "youngest baby" try on a wedding dress and as she say "in her right mind"  This day meant the world to the both of us.  So meeting the designer in my eyes was icing on the cake!  Although my mom (this is what I have always called my grandmom) is not a crier, she gives this look of approval or disapproval that goes right through you.  Today was the look of approval all the way when it came to the dress with only 1 "not so much" regarding a belt which I did not go with.  Today was the day, that I even had a tear flowing coupled with smiles (my eyes are very chinkie (wrong spelling) and even close when I laugh to hard) you'll see this. 


Lazaro is such a sweetheart an I am humbled to have met the man that will design MY DRESS.  How freaking awesome is that?  I tell you, having the last appt at 4 (by my design) was great, as we shut the Bridal Garden in Marlton, NJ with MaryEllen leading the way down.  We were the only people in there after 3:45p and what a grand feeling this is.  The first kicker was when I pulled out my Christian Louboutin and MaryEllen (my consultant) said "Oh My God" I gotta show them.  So out went one shoe LOL.  The dress for my family was dynamite but the shoe for the whole Bridal Garden was the focus.  Lazaro said "Oh I gotta see her walk in these, all 5 inches" My mom said "honey this is like putting on underwear to her, its natural" the whole place fell out laughing as I strut my stuff across the floor.  Okay enough talking

Please note that these are my iPhone pics that do not have a flash.  The Style of dress is Lazaro 3050 to which I purchased in a light ivory.


lazaro model.JPGphoto.JPG


My bridesmaid Kelly in her Butter by Nadia dress (my gift to my MOH/BM)


My grandmom


Showing off my Christian Louboutin's Open Lips (which is my something blue)


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