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Show us your wedding dress!

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Thank you...the dress in now cleared and for sale if anyone loves it : )

Originally Posted by sunshine2413 View Post

Absolutely Gorgeous!! I love it and you make the dress look fab... Congrats



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this dress is amazing! you look stunning, i love the top with the different directions, and the skirt is gorgeous!


Originally Posted by choeft201 View Post

chris.jpgdylan and i.jpg


Me in the dress : )


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so gorgeous! i love the bodice, it's so unique. it's simple but still gives that overall "wow" factor!

Originally Posted by Starfish0512 View Post

I've been known to be a bit impulsive with my decisions, this time be it no different.  I decided Thursday after experiencing some (ok a lot of) stress over answers I was receiving from a LBS regarding a dress that I found and loved but wanted to make alterations to, that I needed to go straight to the designer to get an answer that I trusted.  I made an appointment in NYC and I made my trek (10 hours total) into the city to find my dress.  I had an amazing experience, very personalized service, they provided me with the answers I was in search of and then proceeded to find me the perfect dress for our event that wont require major alterations.  Simple yet unique with the design on the bodice, I immediately knew I was done looking, I had found my dress and a wave of relief washed over me.  The woman I worked with, I am grateful for her kindness, her camera skills lacked a bit...

Pronovias Paola.JPGPronovias Paola Bodice.JPGPronovias Paola Full Length.JPG


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