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Show us your wedding dress!

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Thank you! The designer is Allure and the model # is 8810 :).....Its actually pretty light and fits like a glove! I am supposed to go put my deposit and get my measurements taken on Saturday! exciting but yet i am nervous because I beat myself up about if its the right choice ....I question myself in general on everything i do so this isnt uncommon for me LOL

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Janet your dress is grogeous! U can't go wrong in that!! What designer is it?

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Thanks Miss Sunshyne, I will have to get a pic of me in it and see if your opinion changes LOL :P


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Janet your dress is gorgeous!! Go for it, :)

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This one is on my list to try as well. I tried the Ella 5500, which I loved in the picture.  But it was waaaay too big on me, so I think the proportions were way off - the bust part in particular. I couldn't imagine what it would look like in my size.  I'd love to try on yours as well if I can find it.

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I've posted it before but here it is again... but mine has straps. I do love it. :)


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Ladies...I'm having doubts about my dress, I think I bought it too soon. I called up the bridal store to see if I could canel my order and it was too late. I put more than 50% down so it's not worth it for me to cancel the order and loss $700.


Would anyone be interested in purchasing this dress in a size 14? It's due to come in July 10th. Let me know if your interested and we can work out a deal.

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Hi Ladies,

 I made an appointment at Macy's Bridal salon just to "look" with my mom and it ended up being a truck show, all the new dresses for 2011 were in and for 15% off. Lucky for me, the VP of the company was there and giving me extra special attention. He ended up giving me an extra 5% off (20% off my dress) and gave me all my alterations for half off! I am officially the "Bargain Bride"!!


I'm going to be making some changes to the dress. The neckline will be more sweetheart and the ruffles in the back will sweep into the front of the dress. I'm also going to be added some embellishments to the dress that the seamstress said she will tack on for FREE. I live close to NYC so I'm going to make a day in the garment district and use my company account to buy the trims at wholesale.

3170-Demetrios - Copy.jpgBack of Dress.jpg

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