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Show us your wedding dress!

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Originally Posted by L&J View Post
Jenny Packham - Manouka

I fell in love with this dress but it was totally out of my price range. Thanks to ebay I was able to get it preowned for less than half of the original price.

Does anyone have any good seamstress recommendations for NYC?

Click the image to open in full size.
Gorgeous dress, very sexy!

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Heres mine girls.For those of you who dont know my story i have been married twice before but still wanted a wedding dress that was different and unusual today i found it Pronovias Desert Wedding Dress Size 6 | Used Wedding Dresses | Once Wed This is the best image i found i didnt buy this exact dress i wish i was a size six but hey ho i got a real bargain.

I went to town today just for food shopping haha!!

I had already bought a wedding basque which i will need to sell

I guess im a one and a half dress bride lol

I called into a wedding shop just for a look at what they had on the way out the owner asked if she could help.I tell her i need to find a skirt to go with the top i already have and she takes me upstairs to have a look.yes she has two skirts but neither would i be seen dead in. I scour the rail and say oh i like that, she pulls it out i love the shape not sure on the sleeves and ask for the price at the same time whilst shes looking i ask for the designer and spy Pronovois.I lovvvve there dresses.She tells me its £350 and its a size fourteen.


A bargain and it should fit.

I fit straight in it and it does everything for me that i wanted in a wedding dress.Its not the norm it sits high at the back no bum back as my son calls it and its way different to all the dresses in the shops.Dont get me wrong i love the drapped waist but it suits all you young perfect brides not this 44year old mum to three boys and three step kids.

Now as im umming and arring about the sleeves the manager informs me we can make changes we can remove the chiffon on the straps add the bra inserts to give me a better shape and i ask about adding some bling.

Then she tells me she has made a huge faux pas she read an 8 as a three but as shes told me 350 thats what she will let me have it for.I just need it hemmed and it dosent need cleaning.What a result.The full price was £1200

As far as the bling we are going to add some to the seam that sits under the bust.The lace is really unusual the best way i can discribe it is very open almost like a table cloth haha im not really selling it now am i.

So girls im going to ask your opinion without pictures of me in the dress do i remove the shoulder straps completly the sales assistant say no but in the advert with the image the straps are gone.I need to add the bling to the waist so it becomes my dream dress

What do you all think? Thanks in advance. Maria x PS im now off to search etsy to see what i can find in bling for the waist wink.gif

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