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Wedding ceremony locations in Playa- non-catholic

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Thanks in advance for your help!

We were planning on getting married in one of the catholic churches in playa (he is catholic, I am some combination of methodist/episcopalian) but just found out that I will need an annulment to get married in the church (I was previously married and divorced 5 years ago to another non-catholic- don't get me started).  A religious ceremony in a church/chapel is very important to us but as the annulment process can take 1-2 years and we are both 35+ and want children (the clock is literally ticking!) we want to get married next year and will deal with the annulment/convalidation at a later date.


I found an episcopalian priest in Cancun but I am having a really hard time finding a church or chapel in PDC for a non-catholic wedding.  I feel like this is a very stupid question but can non-catholic weddings be performed at any of the catholic churches/chapels?


We do not want to get married on a beach.  It's just not for us : )


Does anyone have ideas or advice?  Or should we suck it up an wait out the annulment?  Please help!


Thank you!

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