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Planning our Riviera Maya Wedding!

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I've been a busy bee the last while, and here's some of the fruit of my labour :)


Bridesmaid Goodie Bags


This one is for my "coral" bridesmaid, the other 2 are magenta and turquoise


-colour coordinated pashmina

-makeup remover wipes

-travel sewing kit (needles, thread for their dress, pins, scissors, safety pins)

-sleep mask

-mango facial pouch

-hand sanitizer

-body lotion

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I made the Sewing Kit bags myself



I got these little cotton bags from Creative Bag for about $0.70 each,

and acrylic paint from Walmart $2 ea (which I also used for a bunch of other stuff)

Then I painted them with the corresponding colour and filled them with goodies

-pins, needles and safety pins from Dollarama

-mini scissors from Zellers (clearance!)

-spool of thread from Fabricland


I made one for me too :) My mom saw them, and now she wants me to make her one LOL

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My girls and I wanted to do something kind of fun and silly for some of the pictures, so I bought us parasols and then painted theirs (there's those acrylic paints again!)



They are good quality paper parasols. I got my white one from Creative Bag, and then 3 white ones for the girls at a wholesale shop for $3 each.

I used a sponge brush, and thinned the paint out with water so light will still shine through. I also painted the insides, but it's more of a wash (mixed even more water with the paint) just so the insides weren't white (although the darker colours showed through fairly well)

Then hung them to dry. I also painted the top plastic cap with full-strength paint.

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