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Hi ladies! I know some of you are stressing because you havenâ€t seen a review up here for sometime now. My wedding was on November 3rd and letâ€s just say there is no need to stress because when you get there everything gets taken care of.  We had about 75 guests. Hurricane Sandy got in our way so we ended up leaving for Mexico a few days earlier and had plenty of time to get everything situated.

Iâ€ll start with my wedding coordinator, Gina, I couldnâ€t say one negative thing about her. Everything I needed she was there to help in any way. Jorge her assistant that will be with you for your reception was also great. They will meet with you to go over every detail of your wedding to ensure they have everything correct. If you have already confirmed something with her through email and you decide you want to change it, thatâ€s no problem and she will change whatever you want. She is very through and gets every detail you want. Jorge was also on top of everything as well.

Linda the officiant is great! She will sit with you to go through the entire ceremony and all the scripts with you. You get to pick everything you want and how you want your ceremony. There is absolutely NO reason to stress about this part. She will ensure everything is exactly what you want.

The DJ Mauricio is the say way. The songs you want to be played and the order he will go over everything. Even if you have sent him an email he will go over everything again and you can make any changes you want when you meet him. For the ceremony if you decide to hire him to be your sound guy he will ensure that everything goes smoothly and there are no hiccups with the music. I saw weddings there that just had a technician from the resort do the music and it would either stop or something went wrong. I highly recommend paying the extra money to have him do the music for you. I had no problems at all. At the reception he was great and play all the music I asked for.

My photographer was Frank. I have heard great things about all the other ones but he was the one I was appointed too. I reviewed his work prior to the wedding and I was very satisfied. After working with him I wouldnâ€t have chosen anyone else and would recommend anyone to use him. He went above and beyond! For the wedding, he was there to capture every moment and anything that I wanted photographed he had no problem doing it. We had the ultimate package which included a TTD session. Instead of doing it at the beach and pool Frank recommended we go to a cenote(fresh water cave)  and take pictures. Although it did cost an extra $300, it was the BEST decision I made. Frank took us there for the entire day and we did 8 hours of photos. He did everything to ensure that these pictures would turn out right. His idea on photography and his ideas were outstanding. I know there are not a lot of reviews about him on this website but I hope this one will inform people of how great he was. I have not seen all of the pictures yet being as we just got back from our honeymoon in Europe, but the ones he did show me were beyond my wildest imagination!

Lets move on to the wedding itself. Everything went exactly how I had imagined! We had our ceremony on the North Beach which in my opinion is the best location since it is the most private and you donâ€t have as many guests sitting around and watching your wedding. All the other locations had so many people just standing behind and watching. Not what I would want AT ALL. Linda did great and there was nothing that went wrong! Next was our cocktail hour at North Jacuzzi. Again, the best location in my opinion being as it is the most private and you donâ€t have many people watching. We had the Mexican Trio playing which were great. The food was amazing as well. Then we had the reception on the Pool Deck. It was a great location the only thing I will say is depending on how you have your tables set you, sand can blow in your face. We had our sweetheart table facing everyone and we didnâ€t sit very long being as the sand kept blowing in our face from the wind. We choose to have a sit down dinner which at first when they told me how long it would take I was worried it would take up too much time but we asked the food manager(who will be at the reception and is wonderful) to rush dinner since our guests didnâ€t take long to eat and it ended up being fine. It only took about 45-1 hour. We choose to give our guests the option of sea bass or chicken. Both we were told many times were delicious. After that the party started and letâ€s say it was amazing. Our group was pretty crazy and everyone seemed to have a good time. We choose to extend our reception one hour which they give you the option to do so and I HIGHLY recommended doing that. It didnâ€t end up costing too much more and I couldnâ€t have imagined not extending the party being as it felt like it went by so quickly.

People keep asking about flowers and hanging lanterns. I brought my own lanterns to hang and was not charged a fee. I saw that someone else wrote that they were not charged and therefore I asked them about it and they waved my fee. Hopefully they will do the same for all of you. Regarding flowers I opted to have high vases with multiple different flowers. We ended up having 9 tables and each arrangement was $100usd. I sent Gina pictures of the colors and types I wanted (I was given options that were reasonably priced) and she did exactly what I wanted. As far as other decorations go I brought a lot myself. Chair bows, cake topper, paper lanterns, guest book, guest name table cards, table numbers and holders, flameless candles, and white paper bags to make way to the reception in the dark (great idea!). They had no problem setting up any of the decorations and they did exactly what was told. If you do want any of your stuff back you will have to tell them and follow up. They said they would deliver it to my room the next morning and never did. Make sure you follow up and get what you want back.

I also keep seeing people talking about getting a room upgrade to the presidential suite. I saw that someone previously got upgraded to it and was able to walk out directly from their room to their ceremony. When I arrived I talked to Gina about the room and I was able to get the room from the night before the wedding (Friday ) to Monday when we left. That was absolutely fantastic and it was everything I wanted. I somehow got lucky and I was the only wedding of the day. The Friday before there were 3 weddings in one day. Also, I hear people asking about tipping. I did end up tipping just about everyone at the wedding. My family also ended up tipping some of the waiters that went above and beyond. Although, I am not sure how much I tipped everyone since my husband and dad was the one giving out the money.  Lastly, I hear people mentioning they are worried about going through customs when they arrive. I didnâ€t have any problems and I brought out of town bags for every guest. I had every receipt incase they did happen to stop me. they asked what all of the stuff I brought was for but I was very quick with them and they just let me go.

Overall I couldnâ€t say anything about Dreams. The food was wonderful, the staff was so helpful and polite, and the wedding staff makes sure all your requests are met and it is the wedding of your dreams. If you all have any questions let me know and I will do the best to answer them J I am not sure how often I will be checking this since my wedding is over but feel free to email me laurenblick1@gmail.com I hope this eased some of you who are stressing about them not responding but it is a wedding factory and they will get to you about 2 months before your wedding and start to finalize stuff.

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Thanks for the review. Maybe I missed it, but where were you married?????? Which resort?

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