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Hi ladies - I'd been lurking here for quite awhile (months!), but then started making my own wedding plans, frequenting other boards, and forgot my BDW account info in the meantime.  I had to create a new account to come back here!   Anyway, hi!   I'm also a 2013 EDR bride, and I wanted to jump in to join y'all!  :-)   Quick question - how did friends/family take the news that you were having a destination wedding?   My friends seem to love the idea - though nobody has contacted my travel agent to book yet.  They still have time, though, so I'm not stressing about them yet.  My parents on the other hand HATE the idea, and are really not being super supportive about it.  They are coming along, of course - but they are less than thrilled.  We are having an at home reception as well, and the majority of people are of course going to attend that, but I'm starting to worry that the actual wedding is going to be so small that the people who join might feel they wasted their time and money.   I keep trying to remind myself that it is OUR day (mine and hubby), but ugh - the stress of wanting to please everyone is kicking in.   I have gone back and forth so many times with just wanting to scrap the Mexico plan, have the wedding in our hometown, and just go to Mex for our honeymoon.  But NO.  Why should I?  We WANT to have this wedding, and ultimately we're sticking to the plan.  Plus I don't want to lose my deposits.  LOL.  ;-)   Anyway, that was my vent.  And intro.  Nice to be here!  

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