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hi ladies,


Im getting Married at the Riu Tequila in mexico 3rd May 2013. I cant wait till my speical day arrives.


There is a few things i am unsure about with regards to the organisation of the wedding.


Photographer: is the resort Photographer recommended?

ceremony decoration: do i need extra flowers? chair sashes?

Dinner: do i need table decoration? any suggestions?

favours: anyone any tips?

Music: is the mariachi band worth the money?

DJ: i have not seen anything about a party with DJ, do i need to organise this?


Hope someone can help!





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Hi Stephanie, just hoping we can pick each others brains and maybe get some info, i'm renewing my vows in July after 20 years and have just had the date confirmed by the wedding co-ordinator (which I've already changed the time lol) anyway along with it they sent me a price list for the hotel photographer.... He/she seems really expensive, just wondered if you had got anywhere talking to anyone else with regards to wedding video and pictures??? If I can be of any help with things please ask, although I cant help with the wedding stuff just yet I can give you info about the hotel as we stayed there in 2010......


Hope to hear from you soon


Annette xxx

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