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Newbie with BIG dreams of ITALY!

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Hi everyone !

     First this place is AWESOME and I've been stalking it for the last few hours!


     Second I've been engaged for less than a month and already wake up almost everyday with anxiety... and I'd really like to enjoy my engagement Vs want to crawl in a hole and hide from the task of wedding planning.


     That being said a main source of my anxiety is the fact that we want to get married in Italy in 2014. My fiance and I both live in the U.S. and feel COMPLETELY LOST in trying to plan anything from here. I just feel like I HAVE NO CLUE WHO TO TRUST, and being a virgo and VERY type A this is killing me... because in my head it's perfect and trying to find someone who sees things the same way I do is daunting.


     We also have some specical considerations for family members i.e. need to be close to Hemodialysis Centers in Italy so that they may continue treatments while on vacation and attending our wedding.


     Anyone else have an Italian wedding? Use a specific Wedding planner?  Advice (besides de-stressing)?


OK thanks so much for listening to my rant, and ANY & ALL advice is welcome

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