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Back from our Now Jade Wedding Your Moments Package with link to pics

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We were married at the Now Jade in Riveria Maya Mexico on October 20th. It was so beautiful. I was worried about having a morning wedding and not paying for all of the extras and just going with the complimentary package. I shouldn't have wasted so much time worrying! The resort staff went out of their way to make sure everything was the way I wanted it. There were little things that happened: my dress needed a quick tack right before the wedding, my hair kept getting in my face, my 18 yo son tore his dress pants after the ceremony during pictures, but those things made it real. I loved the way the photographer incorporated all of our family and friends into the pictures. We wanted this day to be for everyone who joined us in Mexico. We had the best cake ever! (chocolate kahlua) EVERYONE raved about how good the cake was. Maybe I should have upgraded to a larger cake. Here is a link to our slideshow: Not perfect, but definitely us!



We were really happy with the resort photographer. We received a disc with over 350 pictures and they made a wedding book with 24 photos. I just bought the basic package for 2 hours of photography for around $650.00. He was so accomodating and spent way more time with us than I expected since I bought the least expensive package.

After the ceremony, we did pictures and then we met at the Castaways Restaurant. There they had awesome appetizers and signature cocktails for both adults and kids ready to be served. They even had the area decorated for us. All of our guests ordered off the menu and they even made some special items for the kiddos. The food was really good! I went back to the restaurant the next day for lunch just to try some of the yummy food again. I was too nervous/excited to eat during our reception.


We met with the resort wedding coordinator two days before the wedding and went over the colors I wanted for the flowers and talked about the sand ceremony,wedding set up, my music, and where I wanted to have our lunch reception. I am so happy I trusted the resort professionals to handle everything. They are awesome and totally know what they are doing.


I am going to try to post a full review on the review page soon about our experience.

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So happy you had such a great experience and a great wedding! I saw your post on Now Jades Facebook page!  :-)

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