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My 2012 Wedding in Cabo at the RIU Palace

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To all the brides that have gotten married or are going to get married at this location I'm seeking help. I need some tips on the reception, decorations etc. I've noticed many of you have recommended the Mexican Terrace for the reception. How much of an extra cost is this and do they decorate the area? Do you have any food options? Did you have any isssues with the ceramony that you would change? Did you get the flowers you requested? Did you get a photographer from Cabo? Where did you get your hair and makeup down. Any advice in any of these areas is needed:)


I emailed them 3 weeks ago and no one ever gets back to me:( My wedding isnt till March but I want to know what my options are. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you past and future brides:)

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