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Where And Why Did You Choose Riviera Maya/cancun!

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Riu Palace Riviera Maya and Riu Palace Mexico


I say both because we originally were booked for just my guy and I to stay at the Palace Riviera Maya and guests at the Palace Mexico ( literally next door ) but then were informed by the hotel that 80% of the guests have to be staying at the EXACT same location where the ceremony will take place . Strange . I was told originally as long as all my guests were staying at a Riu Palace ( not a regular resort ) that everything would be fine .


No worries, though , we simply decided to move everything to the Palace mexico and then " Honey Moon " when everyone leaves , over at the Palace Riviera Maya .


I chose the Riu Palaces for pretty much same reasons as everyone else as posted :


- Guests can bring children

-LOTS of space and the Stay at 1 , Play at 6 policy that they have ensures everyone can just wander off to different pools and resorts and not have to worry about bumping into each other if they don't want to, thereby giving themselves a little mini vacation .

-Only 3 weddings a day maximum

-Swim up Bars everywhere !! LOL !

-Reviews I read on Trip Advisor


I have explored the Mayan Ruins in Belize , Guatemala and Mexico and look forward to taking a day excursion with 64 of my friends and family and showing them Chitchen Itza !!

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Great thread, I should have put a summary list like this in my review (in fact, I'm going to add it!)


Why we chose the Mayan Riviera


1) Lots of things to do (ruins, Xel-Ha, Xcaret, golf, etc)

2) Lots of good reviews of the area

3) Not crowded / party atmosphere like Cancun

4) We preferred going somewhere we’d already been so we’d know what to expect (hadn’t been to the MR, but had been to Cancun with a day trip to Xel-Ha, so we had an idea)


Why I choose Dreams Tulum


1) One of the cheaper 5 star resorts

2) Free wedding package

3) Decent beach compared to some of the other cheap 5 star resorts (in the end I was disappointed with this aspect)

4) Good reviews on food, 6 a-la-carte restaurants (with no limit to number of visits per week)

5) Middle sized resort (I wrested with the advantage of being able to have alone time versus it being easy to find my family when I wanted. In the end the latter prevailed and in retrospect I'm very happy it did)


My first choice was Dreams Cancun, but it was 100-200$ more per person (okay, not that much for a week, but still a difference, especially for my in-laws who were paying for 4 people). Also DT had the advantage of being in the Mayan Riviera instead of Cancun, although the down side was that it was so far (farthest part of the Mayan Riviera). In the end my only complaints about the resort are the beach and the location. For more details, see my review http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t18711

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Originally Posted by soulmates View Post
15. I have to agree with everything above.
16. Its close for everyone attending the wedding.
17. The horse and carriage won me over.
I chose the Moon Palace for all of the above, plus

18. My fiance proposed at Aventura (sister hotel), but we had kids in the wedding party
19. We've been to MP three times in the past, each time bringing new friends and everyone always loved it
20. Free trips, everyone is so excited about Chichen Itza
21. My FI got a bad ear infection last year and the hotel doctor spoke perfect English and was just great
22. Definitely the horse driven carriage

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Hi everyone! I am still new to this site but i figured I would chime in! =) I am getting married at the Iberostar Quetzal in May of 2009. My family and I went there last year to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary! We all loved it. Our favorite was the jungle and animals! We have a few kids going so it will be perfect for them. I have read that its the "walmart crowd" on this forum but I LOVED it! hehe every single staff was so NICE!!! and the monkeys are the best! =)

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We decided on Gran Bahia Akumal.


Why we chose RM:

1) Travel time not too long, our two grams are on oxygen so we wanted the shortest flight for them.

2) Lots of things to do outside the resort if people wanted to


Why we chose Gran Bahia Akumal:

1) Good prices for Wedding Package

2) All inclusive with a lot of activities

3) Affordable for our guests

4) Kid Friendly

5) Big resort in case people want to come at last minute.

6) Loved the look of the ceremony on beach!!

7) Have read some amazing reviews

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We are having our wedding at Basico next month, and very excited. How did you go about finding an officiant/minister to perform the ceremony? i would love to see any pictures you have as well.


Thank you!!


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I chose to get married in the Si'an Kaan preserve just south of the Tulum hotel strip because I wanted a pristine beach without any buildings in the background and I did want only palm trees along the shoreline. We had our reception at Milamores because the service was amazing, the buildings were historical spanish. It was elegant and intimate.

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We are getting married at Blue Tulum Resort & spa


-loved that it was small and intamate

-LOVED that we would be the only wedding that weekend


-All the rooms are suites so our guest will have a great time

-incredible food by there German chef

-a wedding package that included up to 50 people

-no restrictions on outside venders

-they have been so nice and gone so far out of there way for us that I can't imagine going anywhere else

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