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Rise in Prices for Mexico Hotels?

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Help - Rising Hotel Rates?!


I'm planning on getting married at the Iberostar Tucan June 2013. I already have my deposit down for the date, so we're ready to rock and roll.


Unfortunately, I've seen a HUGE spike in the nightly rate. When we first were looking in August, the room rate was around $188 total, so $100/person. But now it's shot up to $286/night! This is way out of our guest's budget and I'm concerned that the prices won't go down.


Does anyone have any insight into this or are you experiencing the same thing? I'm wishing we had done the $200 room rate when we booked it, but at the time it was more expensive then what we were seeing online. If the rates stay that high, we'll have to move resorts and lose the deposit all together which would be horrible b/c I'm really in love with the Tucan :(


Thanks so much,


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