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Sandals Royal Caribbean March 2013 Wedding

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from:  conniealice26 conniealice26@gmail.com
to:  Jillian Staffiera <jillianstaffiera@gmail.com>
date:  Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 2:20 AM
mailed-by:  gmail.com


Jillie here is a screen shot. . . does it look correct?

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Hey Conniealice27,


   Excited to hear about your upcoming Sandals RC wedding!! I just got married on Sept 18th and had such a great time!!! I wanted to chime in on your question about the sandals photographer situation...I really would not recommend them. After seeing the work they do (its posted all over the resort, AND I have personally seen them taking picutres of couples). I feel that they hire some random jamaican person to come and take pictures and since I am confident they dont really have alot of experience the pictures are very basic & "posed" if you know what I mean. I feel that you are going to spend quite a bit of money and not be happy with they product. 3rd party vendors are not allowed however if someone is staying at the resort, even a professonal photographer, they are allowed to take pictures. I hired a photographer that came down only for travel costs. I paid for her & a second photog's flight + hotel (b/c sandals 2 person bookings) for 3 nights and it was only $1700. She took pics at rehearsal dinner & beach party, the wedding, and we even did another shoot the day after the wedding and she gave me ALL 1300 pictures she took!! I got lucky b/c she got married at Montego Bay resort and has done a couple weddings there so she knew the lay of the land...You will spend $1800 on pics at sandals and only get like 110 or something. Total rip off,..especially once you see the pics! If you cant find someone to do it or dont want to spend that kind of money i would just have someone in your party take the pictures. You will get just as nice ones as you would with the sandals photographer. I know that is probably not what you want to hear but i always heard it wasnt the best and I literally made the decision last minute to not go with them and Im so happy I did. During my 10day stay there was about 2 or 3 weddings per day and the people that I talked to were also very unhappy with what they got for their money. Just something to think about. Hope this helps :-/

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