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2014 Hard Rock Punta Cana DR Brides!

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Hi Ladies,


Due to unexpected circumstances I have decided to bring my wedding back home and have cancelled our planned wedding for Friday May 23, 2014 during memorial day weekend.  Kayta Nova Photography, her services are now available to be reserved on this day!  Check out her beautiful work at katyanova.com!

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Hello lovely brides, its been a while since last time, a lot of thing has happenend  in the meantime resulting in the evolution of my brand and my art.
 Asia Pimentel begins a new stage and I feel so proud to introduce my brand new website  www.asiapimentel.com

 Please be welcome  to discover my passion, browse around, and enjoy the galleries filled with some of my work. Donâ€t forget to find out what people are chatting about on the blog, and donâ€t be shy to contact me if you have any questions!!




A warm greeting from Dominican Republic!

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Hey Ladies,


Im am to get married June 7th 2014 as of right now im looking at the jellyfish but i still need to find a hotel for my guest. Can anyone recommend a good travel agent that works out of nyc?


TIA and Happy Planing 

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Hi Ladies!! This is my first post! I keep coming back to this website for information on HRHPC weddings and it has been a life saver!! My wedding is Booked for May 29, 2015!! SO I have a LONG time to plan, which is perfect for me!! I have Christina as my wedding coordinator, she has been great on responding to emails and questions!! She has sent me so many documents from their vendors etc. She has been a huge help- and we still havent had our first "Planning meeting" yet, which is scheduled at the end of October!! I am doing the Elegant Ivory Wedding collection, and I asked about extra chairs for guests~ I was told each additional chair was $8 and each additional sash was $10, and for 60 people thats, frankly, insane!! Can you wait til your at the resort to ask for additional chairs? WIll this avoid expensive costs? Plus not knowing how many guests will be attending. AN answer on that would be awesome!! I too am going through Creative Designs to do the wedding along with JVSA for DJ and lighting. We will be doing the reception in a ballroom so we can have a plated dinner...... Any Ideas on how to keep the costs down? Right now before promotions and incentives with hotel and airfare we are at $16000, after incentives and discounts added we are at $6,000.  


DO you have to book the reception ahead of time in order to ensure you get the decore you want and location? I am trying to avoid having to pay for something that will be free. Can you wait til the last min and plan the reception under the free bridal incentives? I just am worried about making sure that Ill have the tables, linens etc that I want versus generic. Any help on this would be awesome!!


Also CAN you wait til you arrive at the resort to get most of everything handled? It seems Miami LOVES taking on prices for everything and from what I read in past posts- the hotel on site- bends over backwards for you and doesnt charge you an arm and a leg. Any help would be great. Iam just worried about NOT booking everything in advance and getting there to find out- they can not accommodate my wishes.


When exactly do you find out that your entitled to your free incentives? Is it before you arrive at the hotel? If so, can you plan everything in that time frame BEFORE arriving?


Thank you so much ladies!!


One other question- any ideas on memorial weekend weather?

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I have one final questions..... anyone else a Palace Resort member? Planning this has been confusing since day one due to booking everything under membership and I was wondering if anyone as a member has used a TA to book their wedding? Can the TA provide the membership benefits of guests being booked under the member number? This includes the free spa services, manis/pedis/ massages, airport transfer and concierge preferential treatment. Not even including the lower rates that members receive. As members we book directly through the hotel for use of weeks and our guests. We pay everything in advance- in one payment. The hotel has set it up that all guests who book with them will receive the prefered member pricing and those that stay a week or more can book as our guest under the membership to get the added benefits. Both bookings give us the bridal incentives too. All rooms booked will fall under the wedding so we receive all the free perks too.


Now my problem is this- I want my guests to be able to make payments, and to get HELP with PLANNING my wedding! Everyone raves about having a TA to help plan and they work with you and your guests on everything. But can they also accommodate working with a resort member and everything that entails? I have been planning everything out myself (dont get me wrong Miami has been a HUGE help) but I feel like I am muddling through this. They do not give members any more information than they do resort guests, so I am in the same boat as everyone else.


BTW here is the photographer site that the resort uses for their wedding photos etc. I know many of you were asking about them. www.oceanphotostudio.com


plus they are on facebook. So heck them out and maybe they will clam your fears about their experience etc. BTW I had my Cousin and His wife do a Vowel renewal at HRHPC and they said their photographer (on site) did an amazing job and their photos turned out better than their wedding photos did! I think it comes down to just talking to your photographer, explaining your vision and helping to direct what photos you want. Just as we do with the wedding planners etc.


Hope that helps ladies!!

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Okay for whatever reason my first post never was published..... so lets try this again... lol


HI everyone!!


I am officially going to be getting married at the HRHPC on May 29, 2015!!! I have been looking at this site for answers and it has been a life saver! SO I decided to become a member and participate!! I have a few questions that hopefully you guys can answer for me.


1) When scheduling my wedding and reception plus cocktail hour, I have been curious about if I should wait til my rooms are booked and get the incentives OR pay for everything in advance? ANy ideas which one would be easier? I already have all of my locations picked out along with decore etc. My worry is that if I wait til I get the incentives I may not have the ability to book with creative and the venders to help set up the venues. I am also worried about being guranteed by venue- if I do not pay for the venue ahead of time, that I may not get my requested area.


2) Okay so lets talk about Miami. I LOVE my coordinator but they are very vague and big on you going through them for everything! I have been contacting the individual venders as well as my WC. I know that for weddings over 30 people there is an additional cost per chair and decore. I am doing the Elegant Ivory Collection and found out that people of 30 will be charged an additional $8 per chair and $10 per sash! Thats INSANE FOR JUST CHAIRS AND FABRIC. I had previously read that waiting ti lyou get to the hotel- is the cost effective way to go.Should I just hold off on bringing up the number of people attending the "wedding itself" til I get down to the resort? Will this save me money in the long run? What can I actually hold off on buying/ planning til I get down to the resort? I want to ensure my reception, wedding and cocktail sites are all in order but what else do I need to schedule in advance? Where can I effectively cut costs?


3) Also can someone explain to me why the Allinclusivehotelweddings.com has the exact same PDF for wedding prices as your WC gives you, yet the prices are CHEAPER on this site?! BTW this is a travel agent site, I have access to it and would be glad to send the PDF to anyone else to look at.


4) My wedding currently without incentives and membership rates is at $16,000 and after rates and bridal incentives it drops down to $6,000. These prices include the hotel and airfare. I am trying to keep my wedding under $10,000 and have done great so far. I have booked my decore through Creative my lighting etc through JVSA (their preferred venders) and cut costs where I can to make it a fantastic event. Any other ideas on cutting costs would be great!


5) The infamous, and whispered about FIRE- DANCERS...... who has them, how do I get them.... cuz I want them for my cockatil reception!!!! LOL. Plus I want to do Chinese wish lanterns (bio degradable ones) you know, if you have seen "The Hangover Part 2" the end of the movie where everyone lights lanterns and watches as they float up into the sky...... yeah I want that too. Anyone know if this is possible? If thats a big "negatory" who said no- "Miami"? Cuz then I want to bring them down with me to the resort and press my luck there! lol


Thanks so much with your answers and if anyone needs to know anything- let me know, Ill try to help the best I can. Thank so much ladies and congrats to everyone!!!!

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    • I have stayed at Dreams La Romana and Dreams Dominicus.  The two resorts are very different in style and decor. A few comparison points are below and fact sheets are attached for both.   Both resorts are approx 45 minutes from Punta Cana airport, close proximity to Saona Island, Catalina Island and Altos de Chavon. Top championship golf courses in the Caribbean are just minutes away including Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore, The Links and La Estancia – all designed by world-famous Pete Dye. Restaurants are similar at both resorts.  Both offer the Explorers Club for Kids.  Dreams Dominicus  Brand new resort and in 2016 488 rooms (however additional construction was underway) More contemporary style & decor Good beach area Rooms were very nice Preferred Club located in main lobby and adjacent to main pool & beach front Food was good Center plaza area with nighttime entertainment Main lobby is small, but outdoor bar off lobby is nice Dreams La Romana Originally built in 2003 & opened as Dreams La Romana in 2008 756 rooms Recently renovated and new preferred club adults only lounge & pool added  Rooms are more traditional Caribbean decor Grounds are very lush and tropical Good beach area food was good    Dreams Dominicus fact sheet.pdf Dreams La Romana fact sheet.pdf
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    • Thanks! I had it printed out. Very useful!!
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