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I've never used travellers cheques either... my wedding isn't until 2016 but I was worried about the exchange rate too... I guess I'll have to bank money and when the rate gets better I'll exchange it...

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Here is a question I haven't seen...probably because it hasn't been much of an issue...


My question is this..now that our dollar isn't at parity...how are you dealing with conversion rates? all my costs (hotel/photographer etc) are all invoicing me in USD. I am stuck paying an extra 760 for some services just in conversion costs!!! 


I am a newbie to international shopping, what is the best way to pay these? Credit card is out because they charge an extra 2.5% on top of the conversion.....


I would love your ideas and what you are doing!

I just posted this in the Canadian Brides post because I will also lose close to $1000 in conversion.  Never thought about my credit card also tacking more on top GRRR... Will have to look into that.


I have considered getting the cost of my wedding converted into pesos in Canada but feel uncomfortable carrying that much cash AND not sure Mexico would let me in with it (could have family carry some)...


Just not sure the best route.

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