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Wedding Photographer for free!

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Hi everyone,

I am a student at Santa Barbara City College who loves taking pictures and weddings.
I love it so much that I will do it for free. I need pictures to my portfolio and I know that weddings are very expensive so I thought that this might be a great thing to do.
You will get all the images and I will edit the ones I think is the best and you can choose which ones that you like and I can edit them too.

You will have to print them on your own though.

I live in Santa Barbara and if your are getting married outside that city you will have to cover the transportation cost.

I hope you think this is a great deal and if I'm not photographing your wedding, I wish you the best luck and a magical day!


Ps. I also do birthday parties, newborn, family and other celebrations. Ds.


Amalia Landberg.

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