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Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Bride January 2013

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Hello to all fellow Brides out there!


Wedding date: January 25th 2013 at 4:00pm

Guest attending: 95

Location of reception and ceremony: beach



My fiance and I have choosen Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton for our wedding venue in January 2013. I have been connecting with the wedding coordinator via email lately, but want to hear feedback and get some insight from Brides who have attended Grand Palladiaum Lady Hamilton. I have many questions I was hoping other Brides would be able to help me with! First are there any Brides who have held their reception on the beach? Is there any advice or pointers you have? We are contempating some decorations, but unsure what others have done. Also for the music portion we were thinking of bringing our own IPOD and music. Would this be something other Brides would suggest? Also for the guest tables at the reception, were they circular or round, and did the resort set up a wedding party table at the front or did they have the bride and groom sit at their own table?Secondly, I have choosen the Bliss in Bloom package, mango colour. Has anyone used this package for their wedding? I'm trying to coordinate colours and decor, but am having some difficulty with what exactly the mango colour looks like. If anyone has used the mango Bliss in Bloom package and have pictures of the flowers and colours, that would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks so much for everyone's help!

Brittany from Canada

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