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Wedding Couple's Hand Sculptures by Lyman

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~Congrats all BDW couples ~ on launching your amazing journey, culminating in the tropical wedding of your dreams!

Hi, I'm Lyman (aka Lynda Lehmann) a retired Canadian expat now in Playa del Carmen, in the incomparable Mayan Riviera, Mexico.


I'm an artist with a passion for sculpting.


It would be my honor to create a unique art sculpture of you & your beloved holding hands, wearing your rings for the first time "set in stone".

Depicting you holding hands ~ at that precise moment ~  your love "frozen in time" and preserved for "happily ever after" !

Imagine a sculpture of your hands, fingers intertwined, wearing your new rings, on a sandy beach base - just like your wedding location.

You can add a suitable meaningful object (like an heirloom) or decorative heart into the sculpture as well.

We can also incorporate your wedding colours - either in the sculpture, or its' display base.

I've streamlined to process to easily fit right into your wedding time-line.

With one day lead time, I can create your unique hand sculpture, and have it ready in time to display at your reception.

Add this unique artistic dimension to your wedding decor - then take your masterpiece home - as a treasured keepsake of this magical day.

For a limited time only - to introduce this new concept, add to my portfolio, and become better known - I'm offering a 60% discount off my regular price to the first dozen couples who book me!

Pls see my http://www.sculpt-you.com website for more details....




....enjoy making your plans, have the best wedding day EVER!  and wonderful lifetime of good times ahead!

I look forward to hearing from you ........All the best ......CHEERS! Lyman :)

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THx so much Tulumbride2013 for your kind compliment :) I'm also considering offering to take wedding guests' hand impressions at the reception and deliver their completed sculptures within the next day or 2 to their resort.


This could make a wonderful gift for anyone.......ie parents, siblings, children, best friends, etc.  It would be make a great keepsake for any special occasion -  to commemorate an anniversary, birthday (Mom & Dad w/ baby's hand or foot) or even "just because" :)

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