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2013 Excellence Punta Cana brides!?!?!?

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The pricing for Beach Weddings Studio is EXPENSIVE!!  3 hours with 1 photographer is $1k.  I'm thinking that it might be cheaper to just pay the $500 and bring someone in.  I am really bummed that Photo Souvenir is no longer the in house studio!

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Heather22 we sent out Save the Dates as far out as possible, about 8 months out and had a nice turnout for us 13 including the two of us. 

How much time did you ladies give yourself for planning and to give your guests a Save the Date?  Sounds like you don't need much time to plan with Excellence as it's mostly done two months prior.  Did anyone give their guests about a 6 month notice and have a good showing?


thank you!


Bethb731 they will have speaker available to use during the ceremony but not for the reception time. That's an additional cost. We brought mini speakers along and used an iPod. Photo Souvenir was there when I got married so not sure how the new crew is. We only got the number of prints that came with our package but you can buy more for around $4 each not can't remember if they offered a disk of images but if so it was kind of pricey.


I am hoping to book for 12-13-14 I noticed they have changed their photographer to Beach Wedding Studio but since I had seen so many beautiful pictures taken with the old photographer (Photo Souvenir I believe) I inquired what the cost would be to have them take the pictures. it was a $500 fee to the Resort and you also have to pay for a day pass for the photographer(s) - I think im better off getting a package from their photographer! For any brides that already went - what is your suggestion about what to order for pictures? also, do they play music for a beach wedding? we kind of have "walk in" song and "walk out" songs - but I don't think we will be bringing along any speakers....

Sorry I haven't been around to help answer questions but I'll do my best.  

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@Shaylaj  you're back!!  YAY!  OMG, how was your wedding?  Tell us everything!  Were you happy with the Excellence?  A TA review posted recently giving them 1 star and saying how crappy the resort was and how the resort was extorting the bride and groom.  ACK!

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