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Photographer help please!!!

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Need an artistic photographer that is very reasonably priced for an October 2012 wedding!! Budget is very tight but I want pics that are beautiful. Any recommendations?

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Hi we are Caribbean Emotions, a local vendor ;)
Every photo we create with our couples, tells a story in a stylish and moving way. It is our relationship with our couples that allows us to add so much depth and meaning behind the glossy imagery. 
Our years of experience in destination photography provides the foundation for our continuous excellence in photographic services.
We have reasonably prices for you.

You can write us:

We can send you our price list.




Like us on Facebok and be up to date =)

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I posted this review to few other forums but am re-posting it again. Hope some of you find this helpful.


I was married the Gran Porto Real in Playa del Carmen, Mexico on 5/5/2012. My husband and I hired William Sanchez to photograph our big day and I very much regret our decision to hire him. After the wedding and receiving his full payment he stopped replying to ALL of our emails and pretty much disappeared. Fast forward 3 months after the wedding William had not even sent us a slideshow with highlights.

Originally my husband and I wanted to hire Ivan Luckie but unfortunately he was booked so he actually recommended William Sanchez to us. Since this was the case we reached out to Ivan for help. Once Ivan followed up with him William sent us a slideshow with highlights from our wedding that HE chose. He didn't even bother to check with us which pictures we wanted to include in our own highlights and didn't mention anything is his email as to why he ignored our emails and phone calls for 3 months. Anyways at this point we were just happy to hear from him and that he wasn't stealing our money. In his email 2 months ago when he sent us our highlights he also promised to send us the downloadable links and the rest of our pictures shortly. We NEVER heard from him again. It's been 5 MONTHS since we married and I still do not have my pictures. Ivan Luckie is trying to help us reach him again but apparently William is in Argentina now and unreachable - how convenient for him. I have no idea what do at this point or if I can take legal action against him.

Also I would like to note that our contract stated that pictures would take up to 70 days - Well it's been 150 days with no explanation.

I would like to warn you all. DO NOT HIRE WILLIAM SANCHEZ. He has ruined such special memories for my husband and I. Who knows if we will EVER see our pictures.


I will post a follow up soon if anything else happens.

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