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Super small wedding. How to keep people from being bored at the reception??

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Originally Posted by NCraft View Post


Hi! I am also having a VERY small ceremony and reception with 7 guests. It took me a bit to figure out what I was going to do since I didn't want to pay $150/ plate at a boring/ stuffy restaurant. So, I decided on Paradise Cove. That way there is a show and food and since none of my guests have ever been to the island before, they get to take in some of the fun touristy stuff :)

@NCraft - The Paradise Cove is actually a really good idea for a smaller wedding crowd. I was there Sept of 2012 and there was 2 wedding groups! The Paradise Cove grounds are so beautiful, and it is nice because before the show and food starts, there are games and smaller shows that happen to ramp up to the big fire dancing show. The island it self is gorgeous.


Good luck and happy planning =)


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