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My upcoming wedding in Jamaica

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Hello All 


As like every other bride I am so excited to have my wedding in Jamaica. I really wanted to do the non all inclusive resorts and do something of the off beaten track (so to speak) I am most certainly opened to suggestions but I must share something with you, as I believe we should give credit where credit is due. 


I had the chance of meeting this amazing personality, well honestly did not think she was to start, but stepping back and listening to her, consultation and as straight forward as she was, she was super professional at what she wanted to achieve. Of course that helped in my final decision.


I find her to be amazing and I have all confidence that she will deliver by providing me with all i need from start to finish....sigh of relief Cant wait to meet up with you again Jia 


I am open to suggestions as to what I need to do in Jamaica , out of the all inclusive  

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