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Tibet Tour Takes You to Visiting Classic Cities, Knowing the Culture and History

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China City Tour


China is an abundant country rich of history relics, modern structures and natural scenery, take a China city tour to any of the countries you will appreciate the unique charming culture and landscapes of China!


Beijing as the capital city with many world famous history sites is always the first choice for China tours! This bustling city is remaining steeped in China's rich, royal past. China's two final dynasties – Ming and Qing dynasty (1368-1911) and 26 emperors have bestowed Beijing with the richest dynastic heritage in the world, leaves many massive royal buildings!


Enjoy Beijing city tour, you will never miss the world wonder great wall! The Great Wall was built to keep out the warring invaders of the north. Built on the waving mountains, the great wall looked so splendid. There are eight sections of great wall in Beijing, they are Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanling, Simatai, Huanghuacheng, Gubeikou, Jiankou, and Juyongguan. The Badaling section is the most well preserved section of the Wall, it is easier to get from Beijing city. You can climb to its top and walk for a mile in either direction: the Great Wall snakes ahead though the mountains as far as you can see. Hiking on other great walls which are further than Badaling will be more exciting with more original styles.


Other famous tourist destinations in Beijing such as Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, hutong, ming tombs, etc. are all show you the ancient culture and charm of this ancient city! If you want to appreciate a new Beijing, you can visit the Olympic stadiums which are the new landmarks of Beijing after 2008 Olympic games. Beijing also has much natural scenery for you to relax yourself, just come and enjoy! Take cheap Beijing tour packages including the top attractions in Beijing or take a Beijing sightseeing tours with most popular hotspots are all the great choice!


China has many splendid city offer wonderful travel experience! If you are interested in history and culture, take Xian Tours to enjoy the Terracotta Warriors, take Shanghai tours to Yu Garden and take Tibet Tour to enjoy the religious architecture and mysterious culture. If you love natural scenery, you can take Yangtze River Cruise, or take a Yunnan tour to the famous Lijiang & Shangri-La, or take a Huangshan tour to the Mountain to enjoy the fabulous sunrise, or take a Guilin tour to Yangshuo, also visit Suzhou, and Hangzhou is a great choice, the landscapes will make visitors feel as though they have stepped into a living traditional Chinese painting.


China has much more to offer, no matter you have several days or just has one day, you can enjoy your time in this great tourist country! Just go!

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