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Wedding Destination in Denmark (Europe)?

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Dear all Brides (engaged or married).


I'm writing my Master's Thesis at Aarhus School of Business in Denmark, where I'm exploring the possibilities of Wedding Destinations in Denmark - primarily with you American brides as target group. I'm writing about the cultural differences and how best to use marketing if you which to "sell" Denmark as a country to visit. In this context, I could really use your help! So if you could take the time to answer these few questions, I would really appreciate it and be forever grateful :-)


1) Have you heard about Denmark before? If yes, what do you know about Denmark?


2) Would you ever consider a Wedding Destination in Denmark? Why/Why not?


3) What do you see as the biggest hurdles to overcome when "selling" Denmark as a wedding destination?


If you have any other comments, questions or just have anything to say in the matter, please feel free to write - anything goes :-)


Thank you so much!!



Chanette from Denmark

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