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So my name is mike:). I have been dabbling in photography for a little over 6 years and must say I have a fantastic eye for it. I have always entertaind the thought of starting a studio for strictly boudoir photography but have not gone thru with it. My wonderful girlfriend Tonya is a very very good hair stylist and makeup artist. So now we are thinking of starting this business together. Her to prepair the hair, make up and attire and both of us shooting. We will be doing it Michigan for now and California in 8 years. The plan is to have a conslot with each person before hand and really understand what they want and how they want to look(hair, makeup, place, setting). So that way we can prepair and set a comfortable atmospher and mood. Because if spirits are up and the woman or person is having fun and feels sexy I believe the pictures will always turn out better. Long story longer lol. I'm looking for your opinion on if you think this something you as the reader would like something like this if you were interested. Maybe some ideas or things you would have liked different from when you had it done somewhere else. I'm not sure on the pricing yet but it will be reasonable for us and the client. We will travel if wanted but will include in the cost. The client will also if local be invited back to have a glass of wine as we look over the pictures and decied on what is right so the client gets exactly what they want. We will do calendars,key chains,leather bound books,posters,CDs and matted pictures in frames of your choice. Any input would be awesome. Thank you:)

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