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HELP Barcelo question...

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HELP!!! I just got engaged and am highly considering DR for DW wedding in June 2013. After reading about the waiting list... Is it going to be too late to book at Barcelo Bavaro (still not decided between regular and palace deluxe???Suggestions?). Also, does anyone have Marlene's direct email address? I received a response from someone else and they have been terribly slow at getting back to me. I'm still confused about the room situation? How do you know how many rooms to book if you haven't even sent out invites? Do you have to put a deposit down for rooms ASAP? Also, do you book packages based on how many people you expect to come? I am thinking the strawberry but can hopefully upgrade to tangerine if more guests can come. Thanks so much for any info...AAaHhHhHh!!!

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