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Has anyone used Wedit?

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I emailed Wedit and am seriously considering them for our wedding!   I hope someone responds one of these days.   Did you see they have a Knot 'best of 2012' award?  That's gotta be a good sign, right??


I asked:  

"Just curious, I see you have a Bahamas video listed. We will be getting married in Tulum, Mexico on July 26, 2013. #1: Are we allowed to take the cameras abroad? #2: We will be there Sunday-Sunday. Would it be possible to get the cameras earlier?"


They responded rather quickly:

"Thanks for reaching out!  Yes, you can absolutely take them abroad, we just need a US shipping address to send the cameras to and you need to send them back from within the US.  We will send them to you early, but we typically charge an extra $125 if you keep them for two weekends.  I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions, I am happy to help!"

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I was googling wedit, and found this dialogue and had to reply.

I used Wedit for my wedding here in San Diego 2 years ago, and was very happy with them.  Not only were they very responsive, but was flexible as well.  I received all the cameras on-time, in a cool little case.  All my guests had fun with it (in fact one guest had so much fun, that he was trying to find all the cameras so he could keep on filming.  He used up the memory on all the cameras- video taping everything we were doing).  I had many people ask me about it, as they thought it was a great idea. 

Once it came time to send the cameras in- I totally missed the instructions to return right after the wedding, and returned it about a few weeks after the wedding- they were totally fine with it.  They also allowed me to included a CD my sister-in-law burned for me, with videos she took on her Flip camera as well (proved to be great wedding rehearsal pics that wasn't captured elsewhere). 

I did have to go through the videos downloaded- and found- they mixed up someone else's with mine- but they removed it quickly.  And, since your guests were the video-tapers, you do have to go through their videos a few times- to get it right.  (they had the order incorrect- i.e. mixing wedding rehearsal with the actual day, etc). 

The resulting video- a 5-min clip, and 1 hr clip was great- and both my husband and I were extremely happy with it.  It captured everything- and exactly how we wanted.  It proved to be a great inexpensive way of videotaping the wedding!

So- I would say- go with it!  They were a great value- where else will you get a video, that you 'made', for this price!

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