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Beaaches Negril 2013

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I am planning a Beaches Negril wedding for 2013 and I have a few questions, if anyone can answer these please help!!!



I am looking to do a ceremony/reception (probably the 2 hour one with a dj) for 20 people, is it possible to upgrade the beautiful beginnings package, and do this with reasonable add-ons like tables/music/flowers for $3000 total?


Has anyone done the 2hr/30 minutes reception? Is it worth it to get the dancefloor/dj? Is it worth it to extend it to 2 hours?


I have read about people bringing silk flowers for their bouquets, did this work? Did they give you a hard time?


Does the resort have like docking systems available yet for the ceremony/reception?  Has anyone used these, what do they charge?


I would prefer to make a dinner reservation for the 20 of us at one of the restaurants, has anyone had issues doing this?



Any input would be great! Thanks!!!!

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WoW ! Do you have a TA ? You certainly need one ( just not one that up-sells ) you don not need to up-grade all those things it's an all-inclusive. Do you really want to pay $100 a table and $75 a chair. They pretty much let you do what you want at the resort.They have music..photos are excellent..no need for dance floor...also, with that many guest you should have a reception and rehersal dinner or one of them included with your reservation.  Silk flowers do work, you can't ask any questions prior ..they always say no but at the resort it's very laid back !

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I am getting married at Beaches Negril in Jan 2013.

My travel agent booked the wedding and contacted the Sandals wedding coordiator for me. Since I have been exchanging e-mails with the wedding coordinator (based out of Miami I believe)

Once you book your wedding, get your wedding coordinator.

I am working with Chloe and she has been great.

You can upgrade the basic package - I am adding different flowers and an archway, I am also bringing fans (Beaches charges $5 per fan, I found some and will bring for cheaper)

We have requested a photographer from a different Sandals location based on the photos from my FI family vacation last year.

We are bringing an ipod for the special dances and they have a docking station for that.

Basically, whatever I have asked, they have accomidated.

Good lucmk and have fun!!!

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