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Dealing with so much negativity

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#11 Jenn963

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    Posted 04 March 2013 - 12:02 PM

    Originally Posted by RNtoBe 

    People seem to forget that your wedding isn't about them, it's about YOU! I've had the same issues, non stop complaining and negativity. Now that We are almost 2 months away, I'm so done and have zero tolerance for it. It is so unnecessary!! The people who want to be there will make the effort to go and at the end of the day, all that matter is that you are marrying the man of your dreams. 

    thanks...and ya...i guess you gotta grow some thick skin to do this kind of thing and although I read thread after thread about this, I guess you're not really prepared until it happens to you.  And this is the first "wave" of negativity I have felt thus far and it just sucks it has got to be from my own blood.  Makes me wish I would have made it just us and our daughter and no one else...but I know there ARE ppl like my bff who genuinely WANT to be there and are coming for sure and is constantly talkin to me about doin this and doin that for the wedding and the funniest part is that SHE has more financial issues than anyone i know but hasn't even hesitated to come....when I put it this way, it's extremely disappointing...but what can I do...just keep swimming. *thinking sun, sand, and a cold pina colada in my hand*

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    Jessica Correa
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      Posted 06 March 2013 - 10:35 PM

      Originally Posted by Jenn963 

      Originally Posted by Jenna1511 

      I'm with you tulumbride2013. The complaining or negativity is a bit overwhelming! So come and be positive and excited! Or don't come and we will see you at the AHR!

      First deposits are due in 2 weeks with our wedding...and I have heard so much negativity including from my own mother who, just today,asked me if we can take OUR deposit back in case we call the weddin off or if not many ppl go....................................i told her, honestly, if no one comes and it's just us, i'm OK with it....i just don't want ppl coming if they dont want to (aka my sister) and if they are going to go with a long face or throw it in MY face that they are broke or in debt because of OUR wedding......honestly, i told her...if ppl want to come, great, if not, then GREAT. lol She and my sister think I am pretty SELFISH because I think this way.  I only think of "myself".....If I WAS thinking of ONLY myself, I would have picked a wedding at a MUCH swankier resort or somewhere more uncommon than Punta Cana....like Bora Bora! where one night is like $3k...We picked the GPPC because it was nice and the reviews are pretty darn good AND the price is way more than reasonable......but no one sees that part...smh.  *SERENITY NOW*

      Honestly, I am dealing with a lot of negativity from my family too and its looking like most of them will not be making the trip. However, as long as my parents and the groom are there, that is all the people I need. Sometimes I wish I would have a much nicer place too with just our parents but my fiance started saying that his grandmother had to come and his aunt and what not and I knew that I had to invite my family too if he did. Not that I am not excited about the wedding, but I would have done things way differently. We are inviting about 80 people, way more than my original plan to invite 6. (parents and siblings). I invite, who ever wants to be there, their presence will be great and if not, my wedding will still happen and it will still be an amazing day.

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