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The Significance of Wedding Flowers

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Flowers are a very common sight in weddings, and have been for centuries. The ancient Egyptians attached enormous spiritual importance to flowers and adorned everything from war carts to coffins with them. The sun itself was believed to have emerged from a lotus flower. In the Middle Ages peasants could not afford the expensive jewelry the nobles wore, so instead they wove flowers into dresses for weddings and other special occasions. Metaphorical meanings began to become attached to flowers, turning them from a simple plant to a symbol of fertility and beauty. As more information is discovered on what exactly the colors and types of flowers meant to our ancestors, many young couples are beginning to choose their bridal colors based off of the meaning attached to them rather than based purely on aesthetics. The most common color at a wedding is white.  This traditionally represents purity and the idea of ‘maidenhood†for the bride. Another common color is deep red, almost leaning towards a purple or magenta.  This color evokes powerful images of love and caring. You canâ€t get much more classic than red as the color of love. Be warned though, according to some sources using only red and white often represents blood and bandages. Perhaps one of the most important themes in modern day weddings is personally choosing what your flowers mean to you. Perhaps you and your partner will choose white flowers to symbolize a new start, or orange flowers to show how creative and curious you both are; it doesnâ€t matter what meaning you ascribe to your flowers as long as you have carefully thought about it. Since flowers are relatively expensive they are often viewed as a sign of wealth.  However, the flowers at a wedding will leave a lasting impression on any who attend, especially in the modern age where mobile devices often have a camera attached to them. By spending quality time choosing your flower and color scheme, you are ensuring that the wedding will be a cohesive beautiful affair.

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