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Brides and future brides..Destination:Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana :)

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They weren't in a fight they were in the buffet line after the wedding. The bride got knocked down and the new husband was pulling the men off of her. He is being detained in a DR prison for assisting his wife.  I am not saying not to go because of this. I full understand what goes on in different countries and I am very well traveled. I am suggesting you do not use the DR as away to show the DR that we stand as one and we will hit them were it hurts...there pocket books. There are men other great locations that offer the same result.  I didn't post it to start a debate. I posted this so that other brides would know whats happening and make a sound decisions and show support of this man who did nothing wrong other then protect his new wife from harm.  I know my new husband would not stand by and watch two guys have a punching and kicking match on top of me.

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I also didn't mean for that to sound as a debate. Just saying no matter where you go situations happen, whether it's your fault or not and sometimes the wrong person is detained. That could happen in our local town, it's just unfortunate with the language and cultural barriers elsewhere. Hopefully these two men are released sooner than later. I watch "Locked up Abroad" regularly so I can't imagine what they could be going through. Personally, I'll still plan my wedding there. I've stayed at Bahia Principe twice before and had a great time, but maybe others will change their mind. If I dug up stories on Cuba, the states, Mexico etc, I'm sure there would be similar stories.

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