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Note to invited guests

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We addressed the issue that some likely couldn't make it, but more so, tried to explain that in our case (our families/friends live all over the place), for most people, it wouldn't end up being a ton more $ or travel than it would have been for them to come CO, where we live - and at least they get a vacation out of it!


Here's what we said:


Welcome to our wedding website! We are counting the days to our BIG day!


With Garrett's family scatted from California and Washington to Florida (and several stops in between), Jordan's family in Western Canada and across Wyoming, and friends all over, we thought a destination wedding in Mexico was a great way to ensure that the large number of guests who would have to travel no matter where we held it, would at least get a great vacation in the process!


We hope you can make it (don't forget it's MLK Day the following Monday, which equals a three-day weekend for many), and to those who can't, we'll miss you terribly, and know you'll be there in spirit.


Thank you for being such an important part of our lives. We so look forward to celebrating with you.


We are having a reception the following summer, but it will be SUPER casual BBQ style shindig, and honestly, that's more due to pressure from those who aren't coming than about us wanting to do another one. A lot of people will still have to travel to it if they want to come, but for many, it's just the idea of Mexico that seems expensive, scary or a hassle.


I think a lot of people start to feel guilty about doing a DW (I have struggled with this along the way), but you shouldn't. It's your day, and you probably checked to make sure those who were extra close to you could come beforehand. Just make sure in turn, you don't make anyone feel guilty about not coming if they honestly can't afford it or take the time off. And, remember how many weddings - although maybe not classified as DW, just a friend who lives somewhere other than you do - you may have traveled to in the past. Did you complain, make anyone feel guilty for having it somewhere you had to travel to, or demand they do a reception where you live so they could come? Think about it like that if you start to stress :)

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Originally Posted by agm04 View Post


I was looking for this thread when I made some changes to my website and couldn't find it!  But now that I have, here's what I settled on:



If you're here, you are among our nearest and dearest and we would love to have you at our marriage celebration.  We know, however, that making such a trip isn't feasible for everyone, and completely understand if you can't make it.  While we sincerely hope you can join us in Grand Cayman, if you can't, we know you are there in spirit and appreciate your love and support all the same!


"if you can't, we know you are there in spirit and appreciate your love and support all the same!" That sums it up perfectly! I may have to steal that! ;) Thanks all for the ideas!

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