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Brooches for Bouquet

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Hi Ladies, 


I am selling off the rest of the brooches that I did not use in my bouquet. Clearly, I got too excited during the process!  These are all ready to go, with floral wire and floral tape.  All you need to do is put them in!

Some are vintage, some bought off ebay, and some were even bought off a local bride from this forum.   The larger ones were re-enforced with stronger wire to make them sturdy.  I am selling by price point, so let me know by picture number which ones you would like to purchase.  If you want all of them, I will sell for $120 + shipping costs. *Buyer pays shipping costs.  Pay pal only.*  




# 1-5 ~ $10.00 each

# 6-11 ~ $7.00 each

# 12-24 ~ $5.00 each

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