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Hello Brides,


Has anyone done or heard of doing TTD pics before the wedding? I am not trashing my real dress. With the whole being there 3 days early to get married I was considering doing them at this time before our guests start arriving so that we do not have to take time away from everyone. My concern is that it will ruin the "moment" when we see each other if he sees me in a dress prior. I also was thinking that we would look refreshed and better during this time because we won't have been overindulging or sunbathing all day yet.



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I'm not planning a TTD session, but I think doing it before guests arrive so you don't have to take time away from them is a good idea. Especially if you, like me, are using the week as an opportunity to hang out with all of your loved ones. As for your FI seeing you in your dress, I planned on doing our photos right before the wedding ceremony so that we can enjoy our cocktail hour and I'd worried about this too. I think that the first time he sees you in your dress will be special, no matter when that happens. And maybe you could do hair or makeup different than the actual wedding day so you can still have a surprise for him and "wow" him all over again. My only concern would be cleaning/pressing the dress in time for the actual wedding day. But if you're not going to totally trash it and you have 3 days, that should be OK! Or, even better, get a cheap knockoff or off the rack dress for TTD! Then FI doesn't see the dress and you can do your worst to the dress!

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I've shot them both ways!  And really...it might just all depend on what time of the day you are looking to have the session. 


My first couple did their TTD session EXACTLY the way you are talking about.  We got the resort in the evening, and early the next morning (around 6am...if I recall) Becky and John met me on the beach for about a 1 and 1/2 portrait session.  It worked perfectly, since by the time the family and friends got there...they were ready to be tanning poolside and NOT dragging lace through the Carribean.  lol.  


That being said...they ALSO shot with me during the morning time with the sunrise while their guests would have been asleep anyways!  So that might be an option.  Ask your photographer if he/she can get up super early to get the sun AND get the shots before your guests wake up.  Then you can do the session on whatever day is easier. Of course, getting up at 6AM on your post wedding morning might be kinda difficult.  lol.  


My second couple did their session in evening during the sun set on the last day they were there.  Most of the guests had left earlier in the day to catch flights out, so it was just their parents.  The session lasted, again, about an hour and a half...the beach was definitely more populated...but we got some great shots! :)  


All in all, I would find out from your photographer how easy it would be to fit in a super early morning session since that will probably fit your schedule easier...AND you get some great lighting.  


Good luck and have fun!!  :D 

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