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Ang McD

Braco Beach/Village Resort & Spa Brides 2013

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I noticed there is no Braco Beach thread on here, so obviously I thought we should get one started!!

My fiance and I will be getting married in Braco Beach on Valentine's Day 2013.  Anyone else planning their wedding there too??

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Congratulations! I wanted to know how it went and some details. I am thinking of doing my wedding there. How many guests did you have and did you have a private reception?


Warmest regards,



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Hi Andrea,

Our wedding was great.  The resort was lovely, the staff were phenomenal and the wedding coordinators were great.  We had 68 guests in total and had our wedding at the gazebo at about 4 o clock.  We met with the wedding planner(s) a couple days before the wedding and they were fantastic. The timing was great because it wasn't too hot and there wasn't any pause between any part of the wedding celebration.  The day basically worked out like this:

at 1:00 I had my hair and makeup done by Nadra (who is excellent and beautiful). At 3:00 the on-site photographer met the boys for photos.  At 3:30 he met the myself and the girls.  At 4 we walked down the aisle (I brought a CD of music that they played.  After the ceremony, the guests went directly to a cocktial hour where there was a saxaphone player and some appetizers (which everyone loved). There were tables set up for groups to sit at (it was located on the other side of the resort by the beach).  During this time, my husband and I went for more photos and then met everyone there.  After we came in, we had champagne, speeches and our first dances (from our CD).  Afterwards, it was getting dark and we lit Chinese Wish Lanterns - which was awesome!  I had to bring those though.  Then, we all went for dinner.  This is where is gets tricky.  If you get married there on a Tuesday or Thursday, the resort holds a beach party or street party and all other food venues shut down. they did not tell us this in advance.  It didn't matter to us, but I know it would to some brides.  We ate in a segregated section for the street party and then enjoyed the rest of our night with our guests celebrating with the entertainment that the resort had.  

The coordinator arranged for us to have an additional dinner for us and all of our guests at the French restaurant (absolutely delicious) on the night after our wedding so we got to enjoy two dinners with the guests.  

All in all, it was excellent and completely stress free as long as you don't let the little things get to you.

I'm not sure if I would recommend the on-site photographer or not.  He did a good job, but there was no originality in the photos.  It was very much like a documentary (this is what happened, and then they did this, and then...)  whereas I love photography and asked for some unique shots to hang on the wall.  Didn't really get any of those, but the image quality and colour/editing was good.  Do not go into it thinking that if you give a decent tip or offer additional money to the photographer you will get more photos or even the uneddited versions of anything. You wont.  We had to sit for hours to choose 70 of our favourites from 350 photos.  We bought the big package and asked how much for all - we were told $3000 additional dollars.


Let me know if you've got more questions.  

As a side note, they won't likely answer many questions that you have if you email them. Rest assured that they are competent and have created a file of all of your emails and have addressed most of your concerns.  That part surprised me when I got there.



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