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Any other 2014 brides here getting an early start?

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Everyone were told about the wedding price thinks its cheap...except one friend which were like crap now well have to pay more for the extra ppl! Lol but in the end we will have a great time and i cant wait

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400 Kelli gave me an idea to post my ring and my passport invite i made! Happy sunday girls

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quote name="moodyc82" url="/t/80997/any-other-2014-brides-here-getting-an-early-start/3360#post_1935142"]Everyone were told about the wedding price thinks its cheap...except one friend which were like crap now well have to pay more for the extra ppl! Lol but in the end we will have a great time and i cant wait these people are being ridiculous bc they knowww the prices will go down but I don't want to hear it. if its too. much, please don't come. its pretty simple

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My guests have had almost 2 yrs!!! I dont guve a crap either, im like yess less people! Lol my fiance has joked when they complain, just ask them if on their invite, they got a gold star? No, oh well you're not being forced to go, dont fret! Lol smh theres a reason why im marrying him
This must be the week of the wedding guests asshholes. I'm goungr through same damn thing. Plus now they are pissed because they can't understand that ud u stay at resort other than where we are, you must pay day pass. I'm at same point. If u come you come if yku don't you don't. But stop pining and whining about it already. I politely said we will be very happy to havd u if u can make it but understand if you cannot. And for all tge negative nillies I say. "While your opinion is greatly appreciated, I'm gonna need you to know it is not needed"

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400 Kelli gave me an idea to post my ring and my passport invite i made! Happy sunday girls
Beautiful. My picture and passport are picture on my cover on my fb page

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Originally Posted by DeeP10 View Post


Someone sent us an itinerary via email for a trip we are taking this weekend with some friends. He seriously wrote Mrs. Denise Bryan . I was like aughhhjjnnnnnjhhhhnnnn. Who is that? I'm so not ready to see that written. Aughhhhnnnnnn. Lol



Oh My!  I would have had a WTF moment for sure!! hahah

Originally Posted by MissJali View Post


oh gosh! someone I forgot to mention...sent us their rsvp CERTIFIED mail! Didn't they address it to Mr. & Mrs. Toussaint? I had to sign Poveda-Toussaint and my id doesn't even say that. Feels way too weird lol. 

Certifiied.. they REALLY want you to know they WILL be there!! hhahaha

Originally Posted by zeman321 View Post


You are killing me....I feel like we are soooo not crafty after looking at these! (Actually I'm NOT crafty! LOL) These are amazing and your guests will love them!

Thank You!!!  I sent them on Thu and most everyone got them Sat.  From everyone I have heard from all of them  have made it in proper condition! Yay

Originally Posted by DeeP10 View Post




So here's a funny for ya'll . I've been sitting at the hotel all day waiting to go to work and I realized that


A. They put little burlap bags in the room for their coffee. It's the ones with the drawstrings that I want for my favors


B. they put little packets in the room with a nail file . Cotton balls , ear cleaners , mouthwash and a little sewing kit etc.


I'm like.... Omg I'm gonna ask the cleaning lady to give me more and if I do that on every layover for the next year ill have enough stuff for my OOT bags . Lmao. Hahahahaha


I swear I'm gonna write a book on saving a buck. Lol

FREE!!  Grab me some too !! hahaha 

Originally Posted by hclibby1982 View Post


Just wanted to get your girls opinion, I'd ask my BM's but it's a gift for them so I want it to be a surprise and I need some feedback!


I was going to give them each a clutch which will be in my wedding colors, I'm waiting on the swatch samples to come in



and in each clutch I was going to put a pair of earrings:



What do you all think?  I will probably also add necklaces into the clutches but haven't found any I love yet...

I love love them both!!  Super Pretty

Originally Posted by hclibby1982 View Post


It all looks great, you guys are putting me to shame. I ordered more stuff off Etsy last night. A Mr & Mrs sign for our sweetheart table and the flower for my hair.  I really need to start doing some DIY projects to save some money. It's just so much easier to click 'Order' hahahah

It is Sooooooooo much easier to click click click... I say stick with that!!!!

Originally Posted by Shara1984 View Post


I am catching up on everything ladies. I have a few questions. I already did my will you be my bridesmaids luggage boxes. I am paying for the BMs and GMs attire. Should I pay for the accessories too? Or is that something they can pay for themselves?


Next question/ Statement: I DID NOT know that bed, bath and beyond allows you to use expired coupons!!!! I think I might get my travel stuff for the welcome bags from there. Was anybody else aware of this?


Lastly: There are a lot of sales on theknot.com, exclusive weddings, etc.  For my gifts to my bridesmaids, I want to do silk robes, a cosmetic bag, and a nice tote bag. What are your suggestions for gifts?


(As you can see, I am off today and I am spending it shopping  woot.gif)

I did know about BB&B - I recently used a coupon that expired in 2008 - not even kidding!!


However, I just recently found out that Bath and Body Works takes their coupons up to 3 days before and 3 days after their issued dates 


Originally Posted by MissJali View Post


If you were getting a bridal party thank you tote bag....would you prefer a sarong or towel? I'm leaning towards the sarong since they are cheaper and lighter. and the hotel offers fresh beach towels everyday.

Sarong would be my pick

Originally Posted by tyrebride2b2013 View Post



Amazing job as usual

Thank You Very Much!!

Originally Posted by moodyc82 View Post


Ok ladies....I have to confess I just went on a HUGE wedding shopping spree cheers.gif....at work....online.......my FI's head is going to spin LOL.


So, I decided to DIY my own invites so I printed all the inside pages already *yay* and than I went to Michael's to price card stock paper (40% off coupon starts sunday). I found this textured card stock, 40 sheets for $3.99 and can use the coupon!! And than while I was there I saw those triangle banners.....12 triangles for $1.40 so I bought them, they're white and I'm going to write out "Thank you" and use them for our engagement phone shoot (which we are getting done on the beach in FL for $30, win!) and also take them for the wedding....


Than I went online.....downfall!! LOL I had 30 free prints and free shipping for snapfish, so I used that to print our engagement party pictures! Than on to GNC to get my total lean shakes, buy one get one 1/2 off! (gotta fit in that damn dress!), ordered my envelopes for my invitations!!!!, ordered waterproof labels & stickers so I can print them and put on tumblers and stuff, and than I did the groupon for vistaprint and got 4 custom shirts for a total of $17. LOL.....now time to put the card away and step away from the order now button....woot2.gif

That is some good shopping!!


I just remembered another note about coupons...... Michael's and AC Moore will take each other's 40 and 50 % off one item coupons (they do not take the ones that are like 20 or 25% off the whole purchase)  and some locations will take one of each in the same transaction.... just ask before you shop so you know if you can get two big tickets items that trip... I have done it before where I had a 50% off Michael's and a 40% Ac Moore in the same transaction!!

Originally Posted by shugapop1 View Post



i wasn't gooing to personalize mine, but changed my mind. I got the string back packs(so that guys would feel comfortable with them as well) I did something a little different. He is a Mason and I am Eastern Star, so i had his masonic symbol on bag and mine next to his and it has "trevor and Kellie 06-07-2014.can someone please email me at shugapop12@aol.com so that i can have you post it for me. I've been having hardest time uploading pictures

I was going to offer but I just saw that someone else posted for you! They look nice!


Originally Posted by Shara1984 View Post


These look fabulous!

Thank You Thank You!

Originally Posted by Lori Granados View Post


Ok Ladies! I have never been so crafty until now!! Here are 2 of my DIY projects I have done so far. My ribbon wands for the send off and my chevron straws with flag! Very happy with how it came out!


These turned out really nice!

Originally Posted by lorcas View Post


I need your opinions ladies!


So my color scheme for the wedding is gray and yellow. My favorite color is yellow; it makes me happy, and it's bright and i just love it haha.

Anyway, I can't decide if I want my bridesmaids to wear yellow dresses, or gray dresses. I love the gray look with bright yellow flowers. But then again I really like the look of yellow dresses with my white dress and the gray casual look the guys will be wearing.


What do you all think I should do?


I think you can't go wrong either way... Something like Yellow dresses with grey sashes & grey suits with yellow ties would be nice... my only thought about yellow dresses is how it looks on all your girls. I love yellow but have a hard time wearing it.. its definatiley not a color everyone can pull off... although everyone might have nice tans so it might not matter haha  ..  

Originally Posted by MissJali View Post


warning: rant

how do I politely tell people to keep their opinions about "how expensive" the air/hotel packages to themselves. like $1500 for a week is not bad at all. can I just tell them to stfu and stay home if they. think its too much? I just don't want to hear it, I take it personally like they're attacking my wedding. meanwhile we are still too far out for accurate pricing!

I would just say.. yeah it is a lot of money - I understand if you can't make it ... I knew that going into this not everyone would be able t o come to my DREAM wedding!!!!!

Originally Posted by brownsugarbride View Post



Them: Your wedding is too expensive for me to get to!

You (in a sweet voice): I'm so sorry that you won't get to join us for our special day. We would love to have you, but understand that only the closest family and friends will be making the effort to come. We'll miss you!

or this works : )

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Okay AND someone asked about paying for accessories on top of buying dresses... I thought I marked it to respond to but I guess I didn't.... 



Do you care if they have matching accessories?  If yes - then I would say buy them for everyone.... if no - they I would say just let them know they can wear/no wear whatever accessories they want.



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